name: vulcan rebel/VR/violet

origin: phobos

occupation: lab analyst floating through space

family: murphy dog :)

languages: english, espanol, deutsch, pyccknn

zodiac sign: pisces sun, aquarius moon, cancer rising

chinese zodiac sign: tiger

life path number: 9

mbti personality type: infj

fav crystals: aquamarine, amethyst, moonstone, angelite, blue lace agate

fav planet: neptune

fav flower: violet

fav movie: blue lagoon

fav animal: dolphin

fav holiday: halloween

fav store: goodwill

fav time of day: 5am

fav food: sushi or sweet aloha bowls

fav snack: corn nuts

fav candy: cookie dough

fav dessert: turkey hill all natural chocolate chocolate chip ice cream

fav pastimes: going to goodwill or tj maxx, coding, listening to music and making playlists,
ice skating, road trips, making covers to songs, playing with makeup hair and fashion to reflect how i feel

drink? hate it

smoke? ganj

best advice: destroy what destroys you

strength: doing things alone

weakness: other people

dream career: movie soundtrack coordinator, musician, or fashion designer

random fact: i'm ambidextrous

most worn items: levis jeans, black boots or white sneakers, my green jansport jacket,
my black windbreaker, my casio watch, my black fingerless gloves, and my kanken

my charts:

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